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Bill Johnson Surfboards in Costa Rica : The Lab Surf Company

Bill Johnson Surfboards in Costa Rica : The Lab Surf Company

This Christmas I wanted to get something special for Kristina. She had wanted a new surf board for quite some time. Specifically a Bill Johnson Stealth Quad. Yeah not the easiest surf board to come by down here.

After asking around I was told that The Lab Surf Company right outside of Huacas could help me out.

The Lab Surf Company

The guy who runs it is a super nice Venezuelan, by the name of Eduardo Rojos. Eduardo, pictured below has been down here 5 years selling a variety of boards, mostly Bill Johnson’s and Byrne’s. He also works with a few local shapers that can make any model you desire for much less than what you pay for a name brand.

Any Given Sunday

Ever have one of those weeks you wish you could start over? 3 Weeks ago I had one of THE worst experiences of my life.

It started off like any typical Sunday. Woke up at around 8am. Grouchy as usual. I packed the car up with a bag full of soccer balls and grabbed my cleats. You may be wondering why I have a bunch of soccer balls. I’ve been volunteering as a soccer coach for a group of Ticos down here every Sunday from 9 until 10am. But I digress. So I got my car full of soccer balls and my cleats and I’m headed off to practice.

Helping CEPIA in Costa Rica

Who the heck is CEPIA you may be asking? Well it stands for Culture, Education and Psychology for Infants and Adolescents. It’s an organization that works with Tamarindo’s surrounding communities providing children and families of poor back ground in Costa Rica to experience culture and education. Through out the week they typically provide all sorts of workshops from Yoga for single mothers to classes about computers for kids.

They recently had a tent set up at a local art show. They auctioned off some of the kids work to raise money. Kristina and I chipped in a couple hours to help feed the kids and chaperon. Below are some pictures of the day.

Watch out for that Bull!

A couple of weeks ago I got my first experience of a fiesta. Starting around Christmas time until the end of March every town in the area holds a fiesta to celebrate the saint of their town. The fiestas involve food, carnival rides and games. The mainstay of any fiesta is the rodeo. Its involves some bull riding and drunk Ticos dodging bulls. Check out this unsuspecting Tico get rolled. Why he wasn’t paying attention is beyond me.