Living in Tamarindo

Downhill Skateboarding in Costa Rica

When I first started packing to move to Costa Rica I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my long board skate boards. I knew Costa Rica had awful roads, majority of which were dirt. For whatever reason I decided to pack them up with my surf boards and bring them along for some slim chance of finding a paved road.

After about a month of living here I finally found a place to move in to long term. All the roads leading up to the place and surrounding were dirt. But after doing some exploring wouldn’t you know it I found some paved roads. What was even more ridiculous is that I found paved downhill roads. The setup was absolutely perfect for downhill skateboarding.

The area I found was 30 to 40 acres of undeveloped property. The owner had laid out all the pavement already in hopes of one day selling off the lots. There’s literally 10 to 15 downhill paved roads that are perfect for skating.

Below is video we took of one downhill ride. It’s something fun we like to do if we can motivated when there is no surf. So enjoy!

Kristina acting a fool

Just some cruising on a more level surface

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2 Responses to “Downhill Skateboarding in Costa Rica”

  1. Knee-net says:

    What up. I´m in Costa Rica for another month brought a couple of boards I´m staying in Ipis the roads are too inhabited to skate. 🙁 I haven´t had a good sess since before leaving cali. Wana skate?

  2. Kevin Melnychuk says:

    Hello I am spending a month in Tamarindo in Feb. I would love to know where this is in the town so I could get a little skating in. We’re in 10 feet of snow up here in Canada so a little skate in Feb would be a dream come true.

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