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Bill Johnson Surfboards in Costa Rica : The Lab Surf Company

This Christmas I wanted to get something special for Kristina. She had wanted a new surf board for quite some time. Specifically a Bill Johnson Stealth Quad. Yeah not the easiest surf board to come by down here.

After asking around I was told that The Lab Surf Company right outside of Huacas could help me out.

The Lab Surf Company

The guy who runs it is a super nice Venezuelan, by the name of Eduardo Rojos. Eduardo, pictured below has been down here 5 years selling a variety of boards, mostly Bill Johnson’s and Byrne’s. He also works with a few local shapers that can make any model you desire for much less than what you pay for a name brand.

Eduardo Rojos - Lab Surf Company

Bill Johnson & Byrne Surfboards

When I first met Eduardo he had just the board Kristina wanted unfortunately, I wasn’t sure on whether or not I was going to buy it. That delay threw a wrench in my plans. During that 2 day window Eduardo sold that board along with a number of other boards to a guy who was opening a shop in Tamarindo.

After some back and forth Eduardo found the same board in Jaco (10 hours round trip from Tamarindo). He offered to drive down and get the board for me. Super cool of him. I couldn’t thank him enough for doing it. After I bought the board I pulled some Tom Foolery on Kristina and suprised her with her new ride. She was super stoked.

Kristina's New Bill Johnson Surfboard

Kristina's New Bill Johnson Surfboard

Bill Johnson Stealth Quad - Hecho en Costa Rica

Bill Johnson Stealth Quad - Hecho en Costa Rica

If you want a deal tell him Patrick from Langosta sent you. His contact info is

Office: 2653-6892
Cell: 8873-5973

Thanks again Eduardo you made Kristina’s Christmas a very Merry experience.

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2 Responses to “Bill Johnson Surfboards in Costa Rica : The Lab Surf Company”

  1. Alfreth says:

    Brother me gustaria saber cual seria el el precio de un bill jhonson ballistic un 5’11 algo asi..???

  2. CRSurfer says:

    Very disappointed in the Lab surf company. Brought my board to be repaired for a ding and they said it would take 4 days and they called and said the board is ready the 4th day (good but the rest is bad). So I called them and asked them if they would be there later that day and they said someone would be there from 1-5pm. So I payed for a taxi and headed there and the gate was completely locked with no one there. So I waited another hour outside the shop from 3-4pm and no one ever showed up. So now out $20 for the taxi I now I decide I will just go the next day. So I try calling the next day and no one will even even pick up the phone, whether it is there cell or office phone number. I am very disappointed in there customer service and availability for picking up a repaired board. Highly recommend not using them for ding repair. Even though your board may be done on time, you never know when you’ll be able to pick it up because there never their.

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