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Tamarindo Motorcycle Mechanic : Mauro the Italian

So after a year of living down here I finally was able to purchase my lifelong dream of owning a motorcycle. I got a killer deal on Yamaha 200 R. It’s simple trail bike that does the dirty work of getting me from point A to point B. Picture below:

Yamaha 200 R

Any how I had to put some money into it finally as it’s about 15 years old. I struggled for about 8 – 12 months trying different mechanics to get it operational. Unfortunately, I had no success. I used to have those torturous mornings where it would take me literally 30 minutes to get the bike to turn over. If it sat for longer than 2 weeks there was no way it would turn over with out the help of mechanic.

After some luck I was referred to a mechanic out in Villareal by the name of Mauro. I was a bit skeptical as it’s incredibly difficult to find a good mechanic for anything down here.

Well, boy was I pleasantly suprised. Mauro, is the man! Seriously, super professional. Does what he says. Takes his time to explain to me exactly what is wrong with the bike. Even helps me with my Spanish. Hell he even had the bike detailed for me. If you live in Tamarindo, Avellanas, Grande, or Flamingo and need assistance with your motorcycle, I’d highly recommend using Mauro.

His cell phone number is (506)-2653-4254. Tell him Patrick sent you. His shop is directly across from the Mega Super in Villareal.

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Tamarindo Motorcycle Mechanic

Tamarindo Motorcycle Mechanic 2

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Mauro the Italian Mechanic
Mauro the Italian Motorcycle Mechanic 2

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