Living in Tamarindo

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Meeting People in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

When I first decided to pick up everything and move to Costa Rica I was slightly scared. Like anybody would be I suppose heading off into the unknown: foreign country, no foreseen address, no car, don’t speak the language, no cell phone, and NOT KNOWING ANYONE. All those great unknowns make the adventure what it is ….exciting!

Snorkeling, Funky Creatures, and Kristina’s Arrival in Costa Rica!

So I’ve been slacking as usual. Sorry for taking so long to get some fresh content on this bad daddy. So I’m making sure to do it right this time around. Lots of things happening over the last few weeks so let’s begin.

Right before I left for Kentucky for X Mas a few of my friends and I decided to throw a impromptu Christmas Party. We decided to have our shin dig on a local Catamaran Boat. It was a pretty sweet deal. For 45 bucks we got 4 hours on the boat with food and free drinks. Mid way through the trip they dropped us off in a local cove to do some snorkeling for about an hour. Below are a collection of pics I took off and on the boat acting a fool.

Mission to Ground Control, We Got Some Wheels in Costa RICA!!!!

Costa Rican License Plate

Yes that is correct I now officially own a car. I don’t know if I just signed my death certificate or not, but if you’ve ever heard anything about Tico drivers then you know what I mean. They are by far the most ruthless people on the road next to me of course. These people will pass in almost any condition on dirt roads laced with pot holes, around massive buses going into a blind curve or through a herd of cattle.