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Tamarindo Motorcycle Mechanic : Mauro the Italian

Tamarindo Motorcycle Mechanic : Mauro the Italian

So after a year of living down here I finally was able to purchase my lifelong dream of owning a motorcycle. I got a killer deal on Yamaha 200 R. It’s simple trail bike that does the dirty work of getting me from point A to point B. Picture below:

Yamaha 200 R

Any how I had to put some money into it finally as it’s about 15 years old. I struggled for about 8 – 12 months trying different mechanics to get it operational. Unfortunately, I had no success. I used to have those torturous mornings where it would take me literally 30 minutes to get the bike to turn over. If it sat for longer than 2 weeks there was no way it would turn over with out the help of mechanic.